10015051_10152246656612365_1797572024_oYou can subscribe to my YouTube channel or find me on Vimeo to see all of my videos. I’m also on Twitter, Vine and Patreon.

I am available as a freelance videographer for organizations and individuals who need events to be recorded, edited and released online quickly without sacrificing quality.

I am an experienced event videographer able to shoot, edit and release original videos with speed and professionalism. As a media activist, I have a lot of experience recording mass movements and producing independent media. I have the skills and experience necessary to cover large public demonstrations as well as focused direct actions.

I understand the need to practice security culture and the use of consensus process. I pride myself on being a filmmaker who is sensitive to the needs of social movements and how they communicate with society at large.

Linked in 2I love collaborating with others and I am very comfortable sharing my footage for maximum coverage. I try to release everything with a Creative Commons license whenever I can. I prefer to shoot with a DSLR and I can be a one-person crew if I have to, but I can work as a team too.

If you want me to make a video or collaborate on a future project with you please email me at



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